A Journey Into My Own Heart-- When a Surgeon becomes a Patient

By: Kalind Bakshi, CPC, CGL
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Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

As a vascular surgeon, himself at one time facing heart bypass surgery, I opened my heart as to how a surgeon decides to be under a knife rather than holding it.

In the summer of 2005, an advancing technological innovation caught up with my own progressive disease process. An “incidental” CT scan and yes, you guessed it! The Machine won! I had 3 major blockages in my heart arteries! As a vegetarian and a non smoker: my reaction was, “This can't happen to me! The test is wrong! “

When the human ego gets challenged, at first it rebels and then it gets hurt. Here is a tip for decision making: A rebellious mind cannot make a proper judgmental decision. So, I had to accept a need for change.

After more tests and more ego challenges, I reached The Decision Point. In my heart, I knew that if I was advising a patient, it would be would be SURGERY including choosing a surgeon, the type of surgery and the date!

But, this was ME !! Not just anybody! There was a need for transformation from a doctor to a patient -– submission—meekly lying down on the operating table so familiar to me from a different angle! I had to go from what a doctor does to what he tells me to do! Now came the choices; Medical vs. Surgery. Angioplasty though attractive, was out for my “small” Indian coronaries and had to think it through!

The SHORT-term vision neither sees the tip of the nose nor much beyond! “Why surgery unless absolutely necessary? Surgery may not work, too risky. It’s painful and may not heal well etc., etc!” This was the beginning of “EXCUSITIS” to postpone the decision of surgery as a last resort-giving me a false sense of security.

The LONG term thinker in me said: “Will it get better without help? The plaque will not disappear! It will need some LIFESTYLE CHANGE on my part!” This is when one seeks counseling, guidance or coaching as the need be. And, so began my journey into my own health, heart and soul.

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Kalind Bakshi