FWI Video Listen to Joe Drews' overview of the Recovery Coach Certification Course.
"What I liked most about the course is that it provided a great amount of information about the addictive mindset. There are excellent tools available that I can use today. If you are working with addictive personalities it is great." - Kevin Cooper.

"What I liked most about the Certified Recovery Course was Joe. Joe is an informative, awesome, teacher who is passionate about recovery. I think the conversations were very beneficial as opposed to lecture. I really got a lot out of what he said and the discussions we had. I do believe I have learned a great deal in this class and am excited about being able to help others with this knowledge. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who has a passion to help others with recovery." - Donna Marie Therrien

"This course took what I learned in life coaching and adapted it in a logical way to help those in recovery. I liked the top 5 list. I would recommend this course because the recovery community needs all the support they can get. " - Dot Koller
I really enjoyed all of it. I would say I enjoyed Joe as the teacher the most. Very honest, open & up front. Great teacher and leader. I would recommend this course! Even if you were not going to go into recovery coaching, I think the information is so invaluable. Education on recovery is so key in today's society. Really, really great course!" - Lori Peters

"I liked the information to be aware of needs of others. I'd recommend the course because this area affects many who are not aware of the causes and effects of the behaviour of others." - Tamra Joy Mellor

"I liked the presentation and the course plan and content and I have had clients for three years." - David Lipman

  You now have 2 ways to take FWI's
Certified Recovery Coach Course
(For FWI Graduates Only)
Live Online Class $547
and our
New Self-Directed Video Course
Special Beta Tuition Only $297 (Limited Time Only)

In this advanced certification course, you will learn to:
  • Recognize Common Meta-models and Meta-programming
  • Identify Patterns of Addictive Thinking
  • Utilize Socratic Questioning to Challenge Addictive Thinking
  • Recognize the Difference between Recovery Coaching and Other Forms of Coaching
  • Recognize Characteristics of Addictive Personalities
You will learn about:
  • Addiction and family systems
  • Addictive thinking and personalities
  • Family disease involving enabling, denial, and co-dependency
  • Homeostasis in addicts
  • Many tools for helping your client stay clean and sober
  • Different recovery methodologies from 12-step to Moderation Management
  • To encourage, motivate and inspire, people in recovery, to stay clean and sober
  • How to market yourself as a Recovery Coach
The Recovery Coach Curriculum Includes:

I. Foundations of Recovery Coaching
  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Sustainable Results
  • Recovery Goals & Experiences
  • The Recovery Coaching Interview
II. Mastering the Recovery Coaching Process
  • Awareness
  • Effective Communication Techniques
  • Tools and Techniques for Lasting Sobriety
  • Exercises and practicum
Our Course Includes:
  • Twelve Hour Recovery Certification Course
  • Recovery Coach Manual
  • Recovery Class Hand-Outs
  • Recovery Coaching Tools, Techniques and Practice
  • Certified Recovery Coach Certificate (digital copy)

Certified Recovery Coach Course Schedule
    Eastern Central Mountain Pacific
April 13, 14, 2013 - conducted over 2 days
Sat 8 hours 1pm-9pm 12pm-8pm 11am-7pm 10am-6pm
Sun 4 hours 1pm-5pm 12pm-4pm 11am-3pm 10am-2pm
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"Joe was a great leader and presenter. The content naturally flowed and his expertise and passion came through loud and clear. The class was an amazing exercise in "self-discovery". I am fully relaxed knowing I can call on Joe or other FWI personnel for assistance after this course. I would recommend this course because it was very practical." - Janet Lewis Smith

"This course has good information and tools that can be easily incorporated into my work. I have already been doing this work, this was a refresher for me. I would absolutely recommend the course! The information is very good; the forms are very helpful, and useful. I especially like that it was taught by a person that could teach from "first person" experiences." - Judy Goodman

"I liked the information provided and the new forms. I would recommend this course because it provides the information and tools necessary to coach an addict in recovery." - Jeri Ann Gue

"I liked the way the information was presented. The instructor was knowledgeable and supportive." - Patricia Walp

"Joe has a good personality for leading the course; he has obviously been there and done that, and is willing to share his own experiences. I liked the online, intensive nature of the course, something that can fit easily into the schedules of busy people. I also liked the way we were able to get to know each other so quickly. I have already recommended this course; I know some people who would be excellent in this work and into whose lives this course would fit well."  - Helen Carkner

"I enjoyed all of the class and found out a few things about my self i had not noticed before. Joe was great!!!!!" - Jeffrey T Shea